Ladies Dresses

"Riina" Dress XS - Extra Small NewCondition 59.00
In Stock
"Riina" Dress S - Small NewCondition 59.00
In Stock
"Riina" Dress M - Medium NewCondition 59.00
In Stock
"Riina" Dress L - Large NewCondition 59.00
In Stock

Black gothic dress made from a comfortable stretch jersey cotton elastane fabric has an asymetric hemline which is shorter at the front and back and longer at the sides.
The front of the dress has black faux leather straps at the neck, down the front of the chest and around the waist, while the back has soft jersey straps forming the shape of a pentagram on the upper back.
This dress also has a added bonus of a clip on detachable pocket / bag in black faux leather with white print featuring a "Book of Witchcraft, Spells and Magic Potions" design.
This pouch attaches to d-rings around the waist of the dress.

riina-dress riina-dress
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